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Animal-Free Expression

Animal-Free Expression

Plant expression systems are used when animal-free recombinant protein products are required. Compared to traditional microbial or animal cell systems, the animal-free plant expression systems greatly reduce the risk of contamination with animal-origin pathogens. Furthermore, plant production possesses superior advantages in storage, distribution and scale-up.

Many plant species have been developed as protein expression systems, such as rice, tobacco, and Arabidopsis thaliana. To obtain transgenic plants for the stable expression of proteins, plant virus and bacterium are utilized to deliver the desired gene into plant hosts. The most commonly used delivery systems include tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and Agrobacterium.

Animal-free Expression

Animal-free expression system can be used to express large quantities of proteins. Many plant species are developed as protein expression systems, such as tobacco, rice and Arabidopsis thaliana.

Profacgen provides a high capacity rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) expression system. It is a robust and flexible expression system that allows the expression of both short peptides (shorter than 100 amino acids) and large recombinant proteins (up to 1000 amino acids). The rice grain system uses rice endosperm cells as the host and rice farming for scaling up production.

The rice endosperm specific expression system

The rice endosperm specific expression system


  High yield (from 2g/kg to 10g/kg of rice seed)
  High scale-up capability
  Easy storage and distribution (rice seed containing target protein or peptide can be stored for many years without compromising the bio-activity)
  Validated highly consistent performance
  Free of infectious or toxic contaminants
  Environment friendly


1. Protein Expression

Phase Service Duration
Phase 1: Generation of genetic engineering plants Gene optimization and synthesis, vector construction 2 months
Generation of transgenic plants (T0, 20~50 plants) 8 months
Screening for high expression lines 1~2 months
Phase 2: Lab scale Screening the genetic stability of homozygous genetic engineering lines 6 months
Genetic analysis of genetic engineering line
Detection and activity analysis of recombinant protein
Developing a protocol for purification of the protein and providing a microgram-scale with 90-95% purity
Phase 3: Pilot scale Porviding the minigram or gram protein with 90~95% purity 6 months
Providing the data for biosafety assessment of transgenic plant

2. Developing a protocol of pilot and large scale processing and manufacturing

3. Developing analytic methodology and methodology validation

Profacgen provides you with an ultimate solution of animal-free protein production. Our service can be tailored according to your specialized requirements (codon optimization, tag selection, purity etc.). Our expertise guarantees high protein quality, short turnaround time, and the best price in the market!

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