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RNA molecules play a number of important roles in cells. The processing and regulation of RNA molecules is strictly controlled by RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), which bind to RNA by recognizing sequences and structural motifs and regulate RNA processing by cell type, conditioning specificity, or time. Crosslinking and immunoprecipitation (CLIP) can now be used to capture endogenous direct RNA targets and define the actual interaction sites. CLIP technologies include Photoactivatable Ribonucleoside-Enhanced CLIP-seq (PAR-CLIP-seq), individual-nucleotide resolution CLIP-seq (iCLIP-seq), and enhanced CLIP-seq (eCLIP-seq), and the relationship between these technologies is shown in the figure:

Fig 1 Schematic of CLIP-seq technologies.

Compared with other clip-seq, eCLIP-seq is an effective and powerful technology for studying the direct binding of proteins to RNA, which completely improves the ability to identify the binding sites of RBP and greatly improves the efficiency of the linkage between the connectors and RNA. eCLIP-Seq can also identify the binding sites of the entire RNA, including introns, exons, most RNA and non-coding RNAs at 3'-UTR,5'-UTR, etc., which can be used for RNA target identification in the range of transcriptome.

Fig 2 Diagram illustrating the principle of eCLIP-seq[1].

The overall process of eLIP-Seq provided by Profacgen:


Advantages of eCLIP-Seq service provided by Profacgen:

  • Not only can we do the eCLIP service, but we can also analyze your own data. If you would like to analyze your own data, please contact us.
  • The report includes the original data read sequence files, optimized sequence files, obviously rich peak related data and other analysis contents.
  • Librariums generated using the eCLIP-Seq approach are typically sequenced using standard SE50 or SE75 conditions on Illumina HiSeq or Novaseq.
  • We have a variety of proven antibodies, such as FLAG, MYC, etc. You can choose to use as a label.
  • In addition to the common cells, model organisms, etc., Profacgen's eCLIP-seq can perform most of the biological samples, please contact us for details.
  • eCLIP-seq Provided by Profacgen has a short service cycle and a high-quality standard.

Workflow of Lyophilization service in Profacgen:


Profacgen is an international company with international customers, whose trust and respect are vital to our technology and product sales. We will do our best to protect your technology and commercialize it for you. If you want to know more test information and price information, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


[1] Zhu Danling, Mao Fei, Tian Yuanchun, et al. The Features and Regulation of Co-transcriptional Splicing in Arabidopsis [J]. Molecular Plant, 2020, 13(2):278-294.

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