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Anaerobic Fermentation

Anaerobic Fermentation

Anaerobic fermentation, which is common to all bacteria and eukaryotes, is a metabolic process that converse carbohydrates (sugar) to organic acids, gases or alcohols under anaerobic conditions. Therefore, microorganisms are used to produce nutraceuticals or bacteriocins through accumulation of various primary metabolites, as well as complex secondary metabolites. Metabolic engineering strategies are usually involved so that the production of a certain metabolite can be emphasized or newly induced through overexpression and/or disruption of relevant metabolic genes.

Anaerobic fermentation has a broad range of applications. It could be used for production of various industrial chemicals, such as ethanol, butyl alcohol, lactic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen gas and various nutraceutical or antimicrobial molecules with medical or health benefit. The process is also able to degrade different types of biomass. A variety of microorganisms are involved in this process. At Profacgen, we have developed efficient strains and process to produce many industrial materials using several bacterial strains:

  • Saccharomyces
  • Lactobacillus
  • Escherichia coli
  • Clostridium

Each strain could be used alone, or in a combination with others. Most industrial fermentation uses batch or fed-batch procedures. Continuous fermentation can be more economical if challenges, particularly the difficulty of maintaining sterility, is properly handled.

Profacgen is a leading manufacturer of industrial ingredients through anaerobic fermentation with the most advanced technologies, capabilities and experience. Our service helps your fermentation product reach its full potential for the nutrition, cosmetic, personal care, industrial biotech and pharmaceutical industries in either small or large-scale development. Some examples of fermentation metabolites are listed below:

  • Lactic acid
  • Glycerol
  • Methane
  • Fatty acids
  • Biogas production
  • Modified/unmodified peptides, proteins

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