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Bioinformatics Platform Introduction

Bioinformatics Platform Introduction

Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the understanding and effective use of biological data, which has become a frontline applied science and is of vital importance to today’s biological studies. Large volumes of data (“big data”) are generated in the post-genomics era from the growth in full genomic sequencing, structural genomics, proteomics, micro-array, and so on. These data need to be stored, organized and analyzed to extract new insights and knowledge. In addition, computational simulation has become a powerful alternative and supplement to experimental approaches, allowing researchers to advance their understanding of complex systems in silico.

Profacgen, recognizing the importance of computational technologies for pursuing advanced research in modern biology, established our own bioinformatics platform, which has emerged as a very sophisticated scientific infrastructure for bioinformatics involving state-of-the-art computational facilities, to offer support for both academic and industrial researchers to explore, understand and analyze complex biological data in a variety of biotechnological programs and projects. At the moment, the facility has 1 Windows server system, 1 Linux server system, 10 desktop systems, 1 parallel computer cluster (CPU: 2*12,RAM: 128G), to support our services such as data management and analysis, drug design, molecular modeling and so on. Our capacity will continuously be expanded to meet our customers’ growing needs.

Bioinformatics Platform

Bioinformatics platform

Our computational facility focuses on the following areas:

  • Custom data analysis to process and interpret various kinds of biological data in order to extract new insights and knowledge
  • Scientific research data management to use independently-developed database for storing, retrieving, and organizing all types of data resources
  • Software development and performance optimization to solve biological research problems by modelling, visualizing, analyzing, interpreting and comparing scientific data
  • Scientific computing to provide high-performance computing support for biological research innovations
  • Bioinformatics consultation to enable customers to have an accurate and comprehensive representation of biological knowledge and take full advantage of bioinformatics technologies

Profacgen caters to the computational and bioinformatics needs of our customers. Our goal is to improve the accessibility of computation, thus helping users reduce the cost of hardware purchase and maintenance, who can then concentrate on the promotion of R&D innovation. In addition to the hardware and the software, we also have a strong technical team with interdisciplinary backgrounds, supporting our customers to solve their specific research problems. Feel free to contact us for more details about our bioinformatics platform and services.

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