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Protein-Fluorophore Bioconjugation

Protein-Fluorophore Bioconjugation

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The use of fluorescence-based detection of single biomolecules under physiological conditions has opened new doors for studying biological problems. Fluorophore bioconjugation technologies enable target visualization and rapid probing of proteins, and thus have become a major tool in biological sciences. Most commonly, amine-reactive fluorophores such as NHS esters are used to react with free amines present at either N-terminus or lysine side chains of the target protein, resulting in a stable covalent linkage. Recent development in bioconjugation chemistry has made it possible to target amino acid sides other than lysine.

With years of experience in protein chemistry, Profacgen offers our customers a diverse range of fluorophore bioconjugation protocols: 

  • Traditional amine-based fluorescent labeling using NHS esters;
  • Thiol-reactive fluorophores for cysteine labeling;
  • Tyrosine-fluorophore bioconjugation;
  • Clickable fluorophores for azide-containing proteins;
  • Other custom labeling services.


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Site-specific labeling of proteins exploit the reactivity of different amino acid side chains, leading to selective incorporation of one or more fluorophores. The well-established methods along with others under development will greatly advance our understanding of critical biological mechanisms. At Profacgen, we proudly offer customer-focused solutions, equipped with the latest technologies of protein-fluorophore bioconjugation, to fit your special interests.

Hundreds of customers have endorsed the advantages of choosing Profacgen:

  • Highly customized service to meet specific needs;
  • Large selection of fluorescent reagents with different spectral properties;
  • Interdisciplinary research team with well-experienced technicians
  • Full support from ideas, through process trouble-shooting, to delivery

For more information regarding Profacgen’s protein-fluorophore bioconjugation service, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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