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Protein Mutant Library Construction

Protein Mutant Library Construction

Protein mutant libraries containing different protein variants are becoming more and more popular in the determination of vital residues controlling physiological activities and pathological process. Novel components of signal pathways or receptors can be identified through screening of protein mutant libraries. Profacgen's high-throughput gene synthesis, mutagenesis and protein production platforms enable us to speed up your project by offering protein mutant library construction service which can deliver thousands of protein variants efficiently. Our protein mutant library construction service consists of gene synthesis, mutagenesis, sub-cloning, pilot scale protein expression using the E. coli system, and final protein purification.

We use three methods for the gene variant library construction:

  Site-directed mutagenesis library construction

By combining de novo gene synthesis and site-directed mutagenesis technique, we offer one of the most advanced site-directed mutagenesis library construction service. The site-directed mutagenesis library is constructed by substitution of any given residue by any other 19 common amino acids.

  Scanning point mutation library construction

Scanning point mutation improves the standard alanine/cysteine scanning by substituting each amino acid with all 20 amino acids simultaneously. Our advanced de novo gene synthesis technique and sequential scanning mutation method enable us to perform excellent scanning point mutation library service.

  Randomized or degenerated library construction

Degenerated oligonucleotide and in vitro library synthesis technology can introduce random mutations on a controlled level with maximum flexibility, permitting highly precise randomization within oligonucleotides.

All proteins in the library can then be expressed and purified using our automatic high-throughput protein production system, ensuring the expression and purification of thousands of proteins at the same time with high level of consistency. Our large-scale protein production system utilizes full-process automation from plasmid construction, transformation to protein expression, purification and characterization. Our combination and optimization of different expression vectors, expression hosts and expression conditions make it possible for optimal high-throughput protein expression. All proteins undergo strict quality check (SDS-PAGE, western blot) to guarantee its quantity, purity and quality for further experimental requirements.

Our advantages:

  Fast turn-around time
  Best price in market
  High-throughput capacity
  Fully customized service

Please contact us for more information of Profacgen’s protein mutant library construction service if you are interested.

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