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Protein Production

Protein Production

Profacgen’s wide-range service portfolio is designed to bring a versatile and reliable platform for custom protein production and development. Typically, protein production projects start with small scale for proof of concept purpose, where feasibility is assessed. As the project moves forward, it is necessary to have an overall program perspective that combines agility and the ability to innovation, while considering potential risks associated with each choice. Most CROs lack the capability to generate a global perspective for each project, consequently struggling with reprograming and redesigning, which may lead to compromised results or even project failure. 

With years of experience in providing contract research services, Profacgen has accumulated experience in virtually all aspects of protein development and production. We have, in the past 10 years, involved in hundreds of projects ranging from proof of concept studies to pilot manufacturing to mass production. Our team of scientists are able to deliver solutions for even the most challenging projects.

Protein Production

Our featured services of protein production include but are not limited to:

Recombinant protein expression. Our services cover all steps from DNA synthesis to vector construction to protein production and stable line construction. With the advanced in-house platform, we confidently provide small to large-scale production and purification services for your choice of protein. At highly competitive prices, customers are given the access to various expression systems: yeast, bacteria, insect/baculovirus, mammalian, in vitro cell-free system etc.

Protein engineering. Natural proteins exhibit excellent catalytic activities within their native environment. However, when used in industrial process or as pharmaceutical products, they often need to be engineered to obtain improved functional and/or structural properties. Profacgen currently offers featured services in protein conjugation, protein mutant library construction, protein mutagenesis, and other custom services.

Profacgen is an industry-leader in protein production services and a long-term trusted partner of our clients. We aim to improve the accessibility of complex technologies and platforms by offering highly customizable services to meet your specific needs, and most importantly, at very affordable prices. To initiate your next project, simply send inquiries to us at Our technical representatives are ready to help you 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

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