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Direct Chemical Modification

Direct Chemical Modification

Chemical modification of protein and other biomolecules generally undergo oxidation, reduction, nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions with the most reactive side chains. Among numerous techniques that have been developed to investigate and exploit protein functions and structures, chemical modification has assumed a prominent role due to its high simplicity and reliability. Despite the many successful applications of chemical modification in protein chemistry, more specific and precise methods should be available to assist current research in biochemistry, cell biology, medicine and food science.

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Over the past decade, a great deal of progress has been made on the development of bioorthogonal reactions as a powerful tool in biological studies. Incorporating bioorthogonal handles into proteins via organic reactions enables rapid protein labeling with extreme ease since it doesn’t require any enzymatic or genetic approaches. These strategies usually involve direct attachment of a bioorthogonal handle to a protein through a chemical spacer that is reactive towards specific amino acid side chains. To best assist our customers in implementing their research projects, Profacgen offers the most up-to-date techniques to ensure successful strategies of chemically introducing bioorthogonal handles to the protein. 

Our bioorthogonal chemistry toolbox includes:

  • Amine-reactive reagents, e.g., propargyl NHS ester, DBCO-based NHS ester, azido-NHS ester;
  • Sulfhydryl-reactive reagents, e.g., TCO-PEG3- maleimide, alkyne-based maleimide;
  • Carboxyl-reactive reagents, e.g., Tetrazine-amine, azide-PEG3-amine;
  • Introduction of aldehydes using oxidative cleavage of serine or threonine residues at C-terminus;
  • PLP-mediated oxidation of the N-terminus to aldehydes.

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