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Protein/Peptide Crosslinking

Protein/Peptide Crosslinking

Protein/peptide Crosslinking Services by Profacgen

Crosslinking is a technique that covalently binds two or more biomolecules together to form conjugates with enhanced physical properties and/or biological functionalities. The structure of a functioning protein involves more than just the intramolecular covalent bonds, which results in challenging questions regarding the spatial orientation and non-covalent interactions of the protein. The dynamic nature of proteins in physiological environment makes it even difficult to determine the roles of individual amino acids in the chemical and biological properties of proteins. The ability to introduce modifications on protein structures is extremely useful as it allows for exploration of protein functions at sub-molecular level and the possibility of various applications such as producing protein-enzyme conjugates. In protein chemistry, crosslinking reagents are widely used to study intermolecular interactions and to construct new structures. Mechanistically, crosslinking strategies fall into three categories: chemical crosslinking, enzymatic crosslinking and photocrosslinking.

Profacgen offers various crosslinking products and services to meet your specific requirements.

Our featured services include:

The main focus of our services is to deliver consistent high-quality protein crosslinking reagents and apply them in different research projects. We offer research solutions according to the individual requirements of our clients in that a specific step-by-step research plan is always provided to fit your exact needs. Profacgen works independently but has close relationship with other research institutions and universities all over the world, and we continue to expand not only the size and scope of our services but also the collaboration with well-reputed research groups.

At Profacgen, we proudly offer:

  • A full spectrum of crosslinking chemistry: chemical, enzymatic, photo-, and other custom linkage
  • Partner-like relationship
  • Industry-experienced personnel
  • GLP and GMP facilities
  • Designated project management team
  • 24H-available customer service

For more information regarding Profacgen’s protein crosslinking service, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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