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Protein Conjugation Service on Beads

Protein Conjugation Service on Beads

Profacgen provides protein conjugation service on beads to enable protein purification, precipitation, cell isolation, immunoassays and so on. Super paramagnetic beads can quickly gather in the magnetic field, while they can contribute to the separation of dispersed after leaving the magnetic field. Secondly, the particle size is suitable and the difference is small, which ensures that the magnetic response of the magnetic field is strong enough and cannot be settled. The beads have abundant surface reactive groups, which can make them couple with biochemical material and realize the separation of measured samples under the influence of external magnetic field. Compared with traditional separation methods, the magnetic beading to the biochemical complex component separation can be achieved separation and enrichment at the same time, which not only effectively improves the speed of separation and enrichment efficiency, but also greatly enhances the detection sensitivity.

Profacgen provides several kinds of beads for protein conjugation as following:

Streptavidin MagPoly beads are ideal for the purification of biotinylated proteins and nucleic acids, which are suitable for immunoprecipitation, protein interaction studies, immunoassays, and cell isolation, etc. User can add the sample containing biotinylated molecules to the Streptavidin MagPoly beads and allow the molecules bind to the Magnetic Beads during a short incubation time. The molecule-bound beads can be separated with a magnetic separation rack. To capture the molecule-target complex, mix the biotinylated molecule with the sample and add the Magnetic Beads.

Immune analysis and diagnostics
Purification of DNA/RNA binding protein
Protein purification
Phage display technology
Cell separation

MagSilica beads are magnetic microspheres for DNA extraction and purification. Surface modification of a silicon hydroxyl acid can be in high salt and low pH conditions by hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interactions such as specific binding other impurities, so as to achieve rapid isolation of nucleic acids from biological samples. The method is safe and simple, and is convenient for automatic operation and high throughput extraction.

Plasmid Extraction
PCR product purification
Gel recovery
DNA extraction from samples of blood, tissues, plants, and microorganisms
Viral nucleic acid extraction

Agarose matrix microsphere is a series of magnetic beads with superparamagnetism and fast magnetic response. As an important tool of medicine and molecular biology for research, it has abundant hydroxyl groups and relative concentration of particle size.

High binding rate
High sensibility, low detection limit
Simple operation, less time consuming, high extraction efficiency
Suitable for automatic operation (low sedimentation rate and high mobility)

Profacgen also provides other kinds of beads for protein conjugation such as carboxyl magnetic beads, nickel agarose beads, agarose beads, epoxidation of beads, hydroxyl silicon beads and amino beads.

Protein Conjugation Service on Beads

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