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Aptamer development service

Aptamer development service

Aptamers are a class of single-stranded oligonucleotides with a length of less than 100nt and a certain sequence, also known as chemical antibodies. The three-dimensional structure formed by itself is similar to the recognition of antibody and target with high affinity and high specificity. This novel recognition molecule is currently widely used in the fields of diagnosis, purification and therapy.

Compared with the antibody, the main components of the aptamer, the way of acquisition, and other target types are different. The specific differences are shown in the following table:

Table 1 The main differences between aptamers and antibodies

Item Aptamer Antibody
Ingredients Nucleic acid Protein
Identifiable target species Protein, polypeptide, small molecule, virus, drug resistant bacteria, etc Large limitation and the antigen are required to have strong immunogenicity
Synthetic way Chemical synthesis, low production cost, high purity of products, good batch repeatability, can be a variety of biological and chemical modification In vivo or tissue culture of animals
Others Strong specificity High affinity

Aptamers were selected from random oligonucleotide sequence libraries synthesized in vitro using the ligand index enrichment systematic evolution (SELEX) technique. The basic idea of SELEX technology is to chemically synthesize a single-chain oligonucleotide library in vitro, mix it with the target substance, and through repeated screening and amplification, wash away the nucleic acid molecules that are not bound to the target substance or have high affinity with the target substance, and isolate and purify the aptamers that have high affinity with the target substance. SELEX technology and aptamers have a large storage capacity and a wide range of applications. High resolution, strong practicability; High affinity; The screening process is relatively simple, rapid and economical. Aptamer small size and other advantages. This technique has been applied in the field of in vitro diagnosis, in vivo therapy and drug development (The SELEX filter is shown in the figure).

 Aptamer development service

After several years of technical research, Profacgen adapter center has accumulated rich experience in screening, and formed an aptamer screening platform. With a standardized process and a variety of detection technologies, the platform allows rapid evaluation and identification of the specificity and affinity of known adapters for optimization and identification of adapters. Profacgen can provide customers with customized screening services for protein targets, design the screening process that is most suitable for you, and send the sequence to the customer in a timely manner after determining the best apligator.

Workflow of Aptamer development service in Profacgen:

 Aptamer development service

If you are interested in our aptamer development service, Profacgen looks forward to cooperating with you.

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