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Stable Cell Line Construction for Protein Expression

Stable Cell Line Construction for Protein Expression

When large amount of recombinant protein is required, stable expression line construction is recommended for reproducible and cost-effective protein production. Construction of a stable cell line usually takes 3 steps: delivery of the target gene into the host cell, screening of stable expression clones, and stability test.

Stable Cell Line Construction for Protein Expression


  •   High yield and reproducibility
  •   High cell line stability
  •   One-stop service
  •   Service fully customizable

At Profacgen, we use lentiviral vector for efficient gene delivery and to achieve high integration rate. Limited dilution and antibiotics screening are then applied to select for high-yield, genetically homogenous stable expression monoclones. When fluorescent protein is fused to the target protein, we can also use flow cytometry to screen for positive clones. Profacgen also offers the generation of Tet-ON inducible stable cell lines for inducible expression of your target gene. Doxycycline can then be used to induce the expression of your target gene.

To ensure integration of your target gene and stable/inducible expression of the protein, we can provide PCR, qRT-PCR, microscopy, flow cytometry analysis and stability test according to your specific requests.

Profacgen provides stable cell line construction service both for research use and for industrial production. We guarantee well-developed stable cell lines with robust and reproducible production of your target protein.

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