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Yeast display service

Yeast display service

Yeast display is a eukaryotic protein expression technology that uses a yeast surface display system which has a complete protein post-translational modification and secretion mechanism to immobilize and display heterologous eukaryotic proteins on the surface of yeast. At present, yeast display technology has been widely used in many fields such as protein library screening, protein directed evolution, high affinity antibody sorting, antigen/antibody library construction, affinity maturation, vaccine production, immune biocatalysis, and biosensors.

The principle of yeast cell surface display technology:

The exogenous target protein gene sequence (such as a single domain antibody) is fused with a specific vector gene sequence and then introduced into yeast cells, and then the target protein is expressed and localized on the yeast cell surface by using the yeast cell intracellular protein transport mechanism (GPI anchoring).

Yeast display service

Figure 1 Conventional yeast surface display system for the screening of antigen-binding scaffold libraries[1].

Nowadays, yeast display system has been widely used in directed evolution of protein. Profacgen provides display platforms including Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and provides services such as protein expression purification, expression kinetic analysis, etc., which can be used for in vitro discovery and design of high-efficiency antibody candidates for therapy or diagnosis.

Profacgen provides the following services for you:

Yeast display service2

The service a advantages provided by Profacgen is as follows:

  • One-stop service: Profacgen provides one-stop service from gene synthesis to recombinant protein expression, as well as downstream application development, such as antibody production.
  • Large-scale protein production capacity: Profacgen not only has a yeast fermentation capacity of up to 500L, but also has a large-scale filtration system, which effectively improves the purity and yield of recombinant protein.
  • Antigen surface display: We can display the antigen protein on the surface of yeast cells, which can make it closer to the natural spatial conformation, so that it can be subjected to serological detection such as ELISA.
  • Short test period and high efficiency

Profacgen has an experienced team that provides a variety of yeast display services. Please contact us for specific project implementation content and time. Profacgen will be your trusted partner.


  1. Uchański, T., Zögg, T., Yin, J. et al. An improved yeast surface display platform for the screening of nanobody immune libraries. Sci Rep 9, 382 (2019).

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