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Membrane Protein Isolation and Purification

Membrane Protein Isolation and Purification

Membrane proteins are localized in cellular membranes, which includes receptors, transporters, ion channels, adhesion protein and others. In biological process, membrane proteins play a fundamental role in cell-cell communication, signal transduction and the molecular transport of ions and solutes. It has been reported that membrane proteins are linked to many important human diseases and more than 60% membrane proteins are the drug targets. Therefore, study on the biological of membrane proteins is vital to clarify the molecular mechanisms of disease and reveal novel therapeutic avenues.

Membrane proteins exhibit a great variation in structural and physical properties. Based on secondary structure, membrane proteins can be classified into proteins of α-helical or β-barrel architecture, and partly contain one or more hydrophobic regions known as transmembrane helices as well as hydrophilic domains.

Profacgen can provide enrichment membrane protein preparation methods, which contains detergent-based membrane protein isolation and other mimetic membrane system. With our membrane platform, Profacgen can help our customer isolate membrane protein from cell membranes.

Detergent-based membrane protein isolation
Figure 1 Detergent-based membrane protein isolation

With deep understanding of the solvent-protein molecular interaction, together with more than 100 different solubilization agents available, Profacgen has a broad range of membrane proteins isolation and purification experience, such as GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, membrane enzymes and membrane fusion proteins. Based on gel or gel-free high-throughput analytical QC controls, the final product can meet the customer’s standards.

As a leading service provider, Profacgen offers custom services with membrane protein isolation and purification. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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