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Custom Bioinformatics Software Development

Custom Bioinformatics Software Development

Bioinformatics focuses on the development of methods and software tools for understanding biological data using mathematical and statistical techniques. As an interdisciplinary research area, it has become an important part of today’s biological research in the storage, analysis and interpretation of experimental data. The field of bioinformatics is highly dynamic, with new or updated versions of software tools and databases continually being developed. These tools perform a wide range of tasks by allowing the extraction of useful information from large amounts of raw data, and in many cases by providing graphical interpretations of these data.

Creating useful software is a major activity of bioinformatics. At Profacgen, we have a professional software engineering team and a group of scientists with various backgrounds and expertise in biological research. By working closely with our customers, we can help develop innovative bioinformatics software with advanced and reliable technologies to suit specific requirements for the project. Our experience in software development covers areas such as desktop applications (Windows, macOS, Linux), mobile apps (Android, iOS), cloud-based framework construction, web solutions implementation and platform integration, using popular programming languages, including JavaScript, R, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, C++. The applications of the tailor-made software tools include:

  • DNA sequence editing and primer design
  • NGS and metagenomics analysis and statistics
  • Sequence alignment and phylogenetics
  • Microarray analysis
  • Metabolomic and proteomic data analysis
  • Molecular graphics systems
  • Microscope image processing and gel analysis
  • 2D and 3D molecular structure modeling
  • Biological pathway and network analysis
  • Drug discovery
  • Scientific computing


Bioinformatics Software Development

Custom Bioinformatics Software Development

Our capacity to help customers is a result of implementing sound processes in software development. We are also open to work using a customer’s preferred methodology, based on the project’s requirements. Notably, our cloud-based framework construction service eliminates the need for small laboratories or even large institutions to establish and maintain expensive computational infrastructures for data processing.


  Efficient, flexible and transparent development process
  Testing and quality assurance
  Technical/user documentation
  Cross-platform support
  Great user experience with visual, responsive and interactive design
  Multi-lingual application development
  Support for third-party integration enabled through easy-to-use APIs
  Cloud migration (rehosting) and remote administration
  Good maintenance and long-term availability of cloud-based software
  Algorithm and pipeline development for specific scientific goals

We promise to offer customized services according to our customers’ specific project requirements. Instead of having to choose a general-purpose software package, you can now work with us to develop custom software that accommodates your particular preferences and expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our bioinformatics software development service.

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