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In vitro Glyco Engineering (IVGE)

In vitro Glyco Engineering (IVGE)

Protein is an important source of drug development and industrial enzyme preparation. It is important to reduce side effects and improve the physical and biological properties of engineered proteins. Glycosylation is a common modification of proteins. The process of changing the glycosylation to alter the properties of proteins is known as glycoengineering. The importance of glycoengineering in overcoming the limitations of proteins has been established by research in many disciplines.

Protein glycosylation

Figure 1 Protein glycosylation[1]

As the field of high-throughput screening technology and biochemistry continues to update, In vitro glyco engineering is becoming increasingly important due to its rapid development speed and low time and other costs. Profacgen uses IVGE techniques to optimize some necessary glycotransferases (such as sialic acid transferase and galactosyltransferase) for the drug development phase by modifying glycosidic bonds or enriching certain sugar types (green in Figure 2) using discrete enzyme reactions with clear kinetics and predictable results. Avoid the need for adjustments in drug development or other biological processes, ultimately decouping glycosylation management from complex cell culture and fermentation processes.

N-connectans on glycoproteins produced in different expression systems

Figure2 N-connectans on glycoproteins produced in different expression systems.

We are now in the process of integrating IVGE into the downstream purification phase of bioengineering, where it is now possible to specifically and efficiently change the glycation type, and thus the bioactivity, all of the manufacturing complicating GMP requirements.

If you are interested in our In vitro Glyco Engineering (IVGE) service, Profacgen looks forward to cooperating with you.


  1. Ma Bo, Guan Xiaoyang, Li Yaohao, et al. Protein Glycoengineering: An Approach for Improving Protein Properties [J]. Frontiers in Chemistry, 2020, 8(622).

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