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Screening and Profiling Services

Screening and Profiling Services

As a global leader of drug screening and profiling services, Profacgen offers a comprehensive panel of services designed to speed and simplify your drug discovery research. Our biochemical and cell-based screening services are considered excellent tools to quickly narrow down a large pool of candidates to a much smaller one, to identify potential therapeutics and to predict potency.

Screening and Profiling Services

Choose the right service for your purpose:
Enzyme Target & Activator & Inhibitor Screening Service
GPCR Screening Service
Ion Channel Screening Service
Transporter Screening Service

With all screening and profiling services, profacgen will provide you comprehensive report with method, reagent, detailed protocol and analyzed data. Most of the key reagents used in above services are developed by ourselves, and assay protocols were validated thoroughly. You can be confident that our quality and consistency are of the highest level. Our dedicated project managers will guide your project through every step of the process, and constantly keep you informed of project progress.

Features of Screening & Profiling Services 

  • Broad target portfolio
  • Short turnaround time
  • Customized services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dedicated project management
  • Experienced scientists
  • Commitment to data excellence and comprehensive reporting
Screening and Profiling Services

Specializing in both standard and customized assays, we are focused on providing our clients cost-effective, high quality, reproducible data and flexible solutions with fast turnaround. We look forward to helping advance your next project forward.

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