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Photocrosslinking Services

Photocrosslinking Services

To trigger the crosslinking reaction, photochemistry is one of the most commonly used methods as it offers high efficiency and good orthogonality with biomolecules. Photocrosslinkers, coupled with other analytical methods, can be used to map intracellular networks with high efficiency and great convenience. As one latest progress in bioconjugation techniques, photocrosslinking attracts fast growing attentions and has gained significant shares of the bioconjugation field, especially where conventional crosslinking reactions are not able to deliver the desired result.

Profacgen offers the most up-to-date techniques to ensure successful strategies of photocrosslinking:

  • Applications of latest photocrosslinking technologies;
  • Custom reaction designs for both early research and application development;
  • Highly experienced scientific team;
  • Design, execution, and delivery of non-commercially available reagents

Our selected photocrosslinking reagents include:

  • Diazirine-NHS ester photocrosslinker. The diazirine group can be easily activated with UV light to undergo insertion reactions with proteins.
  • Diazirine-triphenylphosphine photocrosslinker. This reagent provides both bioorthogonal reactivity and photoreactivity for selective crosslinking of azide-containing proteins1.

Diazirine-triphenylphosphine photocrosslinker
Fig1. Diazirine-triphenylphosphine photocrosslinker

  • Benzophenone-based photocrosslinker. Benzophenone derivatives are among the most popular photocrosslinkers due to its good selectivity and compatibility in aqueous environment2.

Benzophenone-based  photocrosslinker
Fig2. Benzophenone-based photocrosslinker

Since photocrosslinking is compatible with native, cellular settings, it is widely used to probe context-dependent interactions. These methods are ideally suited for understanding dynamic cellular activities and for identifying transient interactions. The application of photocrosslinkers has significantly expanded the toolbox for specific problems in protein studies. Profacgen and its renowned collaborators are devoted to assist our customers in finding the best solution for photocrosslinking.

For more information regarding Profacgen’s protein crosslinking service, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.


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  2. Hino, N.; et al. Protein photo-cross-linking in mammalian cells by site-specific incorporation of a photoreactive amino acid. Nat. Meth. 2005, 2: 201-206.

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