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Protein Expression

Protein Expression

Recombinant protein expression is the technique of target protein production using the recombinant DNA technology. It is now commonly used in bioresearch and in pharmaceutical production of recombinant protein therapeutics. The recombinant DNA, usually the cDNA sequence of the target protein, is designed to be under the control of a well characterized promoter and express the target protein within the chosen host cell to achieve high-level protein expression.

Recombinant Protein Expression Services

Choosing an appropriate protein expression system is the key to the success of recombinant protein expression. Several factors need to be taken into consideration, including target protein property, intended application, protein yield and cost. Furthermore, challenges exist for many protein expression projects, especially for large protein, membrane protein, nuclear protein, and proteins with heavy post-translational modifications. Therefore, Profacgen has organized a team of protein biologists, who have extensive experience in protein expression, to perform thorough feasibility analysis before the initiation of each protein expression project. We will evaluate the possibility of soluble expression, secretory expression, correct modification and folding, production efficiency, necessity of purification steps and protein buffer formulation etc.

Bacteria Expression Yeast Expression Insect/Baculovires Expression Mammalian Expression Cell-free Expression Large-scale Protein Production Animal-free Expression Animal-free Expression Stable Cell Line Cconstruction for Protein Expression

Profacgen’s custom recombinant protein services provide a comprehensive portfolio of expression systems. The four most commonly used by our customers are: bacteria, yeast, insect/baculovirus, and mammalian cells. Besides those, we also provide cell free expression , C1 expression and animal free expression. Stable cell line construction for large amount of protein expression is also available for both research use and industrial production. With customized technical strategies, flexible production scale, and proprietary technologies, we offer our clients highly efficient and high-quality recombinant protein production, process development and scale-up production for downstream applications such as functional assays, structural studies, target validation and high throughput screenings etc.

Profacgen’s one-stop custom service includes target gene synthesis, codon optimization, expression plasmid construction, cell culture and protein expression, purification and strict quality control. Our service can be tailored to your specialized requirements.

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