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Cell Medium Development and QC Tests

Cell Medium Development and QC Tests

Profacgen is committed to providing cell medium customization and cell culture development services for your experimental and production needs. With solid knowledge of technology, we provide high quality culture medium development services, as well as fast and reliable QC tests. We deeply understand the importance of high production yield and fast product launch; therefore we insist on putting your needs first, and helping you develop products that are tailored to your unique requirements.

At present, we have successfully developed a series of customized industrial culture media without serum chemical constraints. These culture media are applicable to CHO cells, 293 cells, MDCK cells, Vero cells, hybridoma cells and T cells. We have also successfully developed and produced several GMP culture media for our customers. Aiming at the application of protein transient transfection in HEK293 cells and CHO cells, we have developed the latest generation of serum-free, chemical-limited HEK293 cell culture medium system (HEK293 medium, supplements and anti-agglomeration agents) and the transient transfection medium system of CHO cells (CHO medium, supplements and anti-agglomeration agents). The medium had good adaptability to different cells, and the protein expression was significantly increased compared with similar products.

We can also provide custom media QC Tests. If you have any questions about the quality control of the medium being used, we can help you with various tests, such as water soluble vitamins by HPLC, toxicity assay, culture performance assay, endotoxin analysis as well as amino acid analysis.

Profacgen is your ideal partner, who can help you find solutions that best meet your cell line development needs. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Cell Medium Development and QC Tests

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