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NovEgg Expression System

NovEgg Expression System

Profacgen has developed a novel NovEgg Expression technology by expression proteins in fertilized hen eggs. Our NovEgg expression platform offers a simple and scalable alternative to basic expression systems, such as bacteria, yeast, mammalian and insect cells. Due to the eukaryotic characteristics of egg, the NovEgg system can be utilized to produce high-value biopharmaceuticals including vaccines, VLPs, viral glycoproteins, cytokines and antibodies etc.

NovEgg Expression System

NovEgg Expression technology provides researchers an efficient and convenient way to make high fidelity recombinant protein products rapidly and safely. Profacgen has successfully expressed viral glycoproteins and active human cytokines using this system and currently have projects working on the production of recombinant antibodies and VLPs. We also provide custom production service of recombinant proteins where you may be having problem expressing from other systems. Protein can be partially purified and supplied to you in bulk or we can also arrange for purification up to 99% depending on the construct. Turnaround time is very short, bing only a couple of days. Our technology is also a great platform for experimenting with protein variants in a high throughput mode since each egg can be used as an individual bioreactor for a site directed mutant.

Advantages of NovEgg Expression Technology

  • Simplicity and low cost
  • Rapid cloning & expression process
  • Potential for milligram scale production
  • Short production time—72 hours
  • Eukaryotic post-translational modification
  • Simplified purification process from allantoic fluid
  • Rapid scale-up
  • High level of biosafety and environmentally friendly

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