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Custom PEGylation Services

Custom PEGylation Services

Profacgen provides a comprehensive set of PEGylation services for proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and small molecules, and custom synthesis of PEG derivatives. Conjugation of PEGs has been shown to be a powerful tool in solubilizing biomolecules, reducing immunogenicity of ADCs, increasing circulation stability of drugs. It is also widely used in material science, cosmetic science and other industrial applications.

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Protein/peptide-PEG conjugation

PEGylation of proteins and peptides provides a number of advantages, such as reduction or elimination of immunogenicity and mitigation of aggregation. In part, the big success of PEG-related applications is due to the large selection of commercially available PEG products and the well-developed PEGylation strategies. However, it is also difficult to draw a general guideline for conducting PEGylation experiments since oftentimes case-by-case optimization is needed. The chemists at Profacgen are specialized in protein bioconjugation and PEGylation, and they will help you find the right PEGylation strategy for your unique projects.

Small-molecule PEGylation

PEGs are generally attached to small-molecule drugs to alter their pharmacokinetic properties. They can be made into different shapes (i.e., linear, branched or forked) and attached at different sites, creating new compounds or prodrugs. The linker between drugs and PEG fragments can be either stable or releasable depending on the purpose of the application. Stable linkers tend to create new pharmaceutical entities in terms of changing parameters such as half-life, bioavailability and clearance rate. For your convenience, we deliver one-stop service that covers reagent supply, protein expression, peptide synthesis, PEGylation and product purification and characterization.

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PEGylated doxorubicin

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PEGylated 10-amino-7-ethyl camptothecin

Custom synthesis of PEGs

In addition to our diversified product line, we also welcome specific requests from our customers. Profacgen delivers custom synthesis of innovative PEGylation reagents and derivatives to meets the unique requirements of your projects. Services may include:

  • Installation of reactive groups toward amino acids other than cysteine and lysine;
  • PEG derivatives containing bioorthogonal handles, e.g., azide and alkyne;
  • PEGs with specific length and number of arms.

For more information regarding Profacgen’s PEGylation services, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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