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Ion Channel Screening Service

Ion Channel Screening Service

Schematic Diagram of an Ion Channel
Schematic diagram of an ion channel
Ion channels are pore-forming proteins that are embedded in the membranes of all living organisms, responsible for extracellular and intracellular electrical signaling. As electrical signaling is vital for many physiological activities, ion channel becomes an important target for novel drug development. Profacgen provides professional ion channel screening service to identify possible hits for a given ion channel, and offers ion channel cell model development service.

Hundreds of different types of ion channels have been discovered. Due to limit in experimental techniques, functions of many ion channels are still waiting for exploration. Ion channels can be classified by their ion permeability, such as K+ channel, Na+ channel, Ca2+ channel, Cl- channel, and non-selective cation channel. Ion channels can also be divided according to the type of stimuli they respond to, such as voltage-gated ion channel (open and close in response to membrane potential) and ligand-gated ion channel (open and close in response to specific ligand molecules). Ion channel constitutes a key component in a wide variety of biological processes such as muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Up to now, approximately 20% of the registered drugs target ion channels.

Profacgen has developed a long list of ion channel assay models with good signal read-out and stability. We provide a complete set of services from ion channel screening, active compound validation, specificity analysis to electrophysiology detection. Our ion channel assay models include sodium channels, TRP channels, potassium channels, calcium channels, P2X channels and other channels.

Profacgen offers both direct methods and indirect methods to help study your target ion channels. Patch clamp is the direct method we use in our lab. It is considered gold standard in ion channel research. As for indirect methods, we offer fluorescent dye based detection methods, in which fluorescent dye is loaded into cells and then analyzed by specialized plate readers. The readers can detect alteration in the concentration of certain ions that is caused by the flow of ion through the channel. You can choose fluorescence assay & ion-work based high-throughput screening or physiological characterization by conventional patch clamp electrophysiology or automated electrophysiology according to your requirements.

Our advantages:

  •   Fully Customized service
  •   Multiple testing panels
  •   Various detection methods
  •   Time & cost-efficient
  •   Best price in the market

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See the instruction of ion channel screening service. Find the ion channels’ list available in our screening service and the assay format we could provide to you.

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