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Membrane-Based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening

Membrane-Based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening

The classical Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening is mostly limited to the study of cytosolic or extracellular soluble proteins. To study the interaction of transmembrane protein interaction, Profacgen provides a specialized membrane-based Y2H (MbY2H) system.


  Specialized for membrane proteins
  Customized cDNA library construction
  Experienced team with over ten years of protein interaction study experience
  Short turnaround time
  Best price in the market


The MbY2H system is also called the split ubiquitin Y2H, whereas your bait protein will be fused to the C-terminal half of ubiquitin (Cub) and a transcription factor; and the transmembrane bait protein library is fused to the N-terminal half (Nub). Upon association of the bait and prey, a compete ubiquitin molecule is formed and cleaved by endogenous protease, releasing the transcription factor to initiate the transcription of the reporter genes. The most widely used reporter genes are the same as regular Y2H systems including His3 and LacZ. Taking advantage of Profacgen’s MbY2H system and comprehensive membrane cDNA libraries from different species, we can help you discover novel membrane protein interactions effectively and accurately.


Membrane-based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening

Membrane-based yeast two-hybrid system is based on the split-ubiquitin protein complementation assay and is able to detect protein interactions directly at the membrane. It allows the use of full-length integral membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins as baits to search for novel interaction partners.

Profacgen provides you with an ultimate solution of Membrane-based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening service. Our service can be tailored according to your specific requirements. Our expertise guarantees high data quality, short turnaround time, and the best price in the market!

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