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Enzyme Target & Activator & Inhibitor Screening Service

Enzyme Target & Activator & Inhibitor Screening Service

Profacgen offers a comprehensive list of high-throughput screening services to specifically and efficiently identify potential enzyme substrates, activators and inhibitors.

Enzymes participate in numerous physiological activities including signal transduction, cell surface recognition and protein modification. To determine possible targets of an enzyme, Profacgen has developed a highly efficient screening system to select candidate substrates, inhibitors or activators by detection of fluorescence, chemo-luminescence or isotopic signal. Generally, the candidate molecules can be selected or synthesized and then immobilized on a solid surface. Detection is performed after incubation with the target enzyme according to the specific experimental design.

Profacgen provides enzyme target screening service for kinase, phosphatase, protease, methyltransferase, glycosyltransferase, acetyltransferase and so on. You can profile your target enzyme against thousands of substrate compounds or proteins, or study various types of protein modifications including phosphorylation, methylation, ubiquitination, SUMOylation, NEDDylation, and nitrosylation. Profacgen offers thousands of substrates from sources including human, rat, mouse, chicken and cow etc. We also have phosphorylation library containing phosphorylation sites for different recognition sites (threonine, serine or tyrosine) of kinases or phosphatases. Our enzyme target screening service will ensure the discovery and identification of novel enzymatic targets for you.

Profacgen also provides activator or inhibitor screening service by adding candidate compounds together with target enzyme into the substrate. The effect of candidate compounds on the kinetics of the given enzymatic reaction can be quantified by the determination of EC50 or IC50 compared to control groups.

Illustration of Different Detection Modes

Illustration of Different detection modes

Enzyme target & activator & inhibitor screening service can be applied to the following aspects:

 Identification of novel substrates for known enzymes
 Identification of substrates for orphan or new enzymes
 Identification of phosphorylation or proteolytic sites
 Evaluation of activators or inhibitors of enzymes
 Elucidation of signal transduction pathways
 Enzyme profiling in disease states or under different treatments (drug, growth factors, hormones, etc.)
 Fingerprinting difference in substrate specificity among different enzymes

Our advantages:

  Short turn-around time
  High efficiency
  Optimized experimental scheme
  Consistent results
  Customized service
  Combinatorial libraries available to fine-tune substrate sequence

We offer customized enzyme substrate arrays to suit your requirements. Please contact us for details of our customized enzyme target & activator & inhibitor screening service.

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