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Mutagenesis and Structural Modification

Mutagenesis and Structural Modification

Structural or genetic engineering of proteins will lead to changes in protein function. Here we can provide our customer with protein engineering services from gene modification, protein structure modification and function changes. Mutagenesis is the process of generating a genetic mutation, like random gene knockouts and site-directed mutagenesis for testing the effects on gene or DNA function. It had been reported that mutations in E3 ligase genes have been observed in multiple neurological conditions. With our in-house platform, we can provide E3 ligase engineering services and help our customer getting an insight into disease research.

Common neurological disorders (CNDs) and E3 ligase gene associations

Figure 1. Common neurological disorders (CNDs) and E3 ligase gene associations

Profacgen offer mutagenesis and structural modification with comprehensive upstream and downstream services. With our professional team and optimized technology, Profacgen promises to deliver results quickly.

Work flow of the mutagenesis and structural modification services:

  • Synthesis – mutagenic primers, specialized modifications, new functional group.
  • Cloning - mutagenic DNA products, primary or secondary amino group.
  • Screening – sequencing, fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), tandem mass spectrometry.
  • Delivery – mutagenic strains, plasmids, peptides, proteins, project reports.
  • Further options - mutagenesis identification, protein expression and purification, crosslink proteins, antibody production, GMP production...

Profacgen promises to work closely with clients, please contact us for individual services.


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