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Protein Biotinylation Service

Protein Biotinylation Service

Profacgen has been providing protein biotinylation service for years and has performed custom biotinylation service in a variety of scales for both academic and industrial customers. We can perform biotnylation for any protein required. Biotinylated proteins can be used in ELISA assay, proteolysis test, immunoprecipitation assay, immunohistochemistry, cross-linking, flow cytometry, signal transduction experiments, receptor binding studies, and experimental tissue therapy and tissue engineering. Profacgen has developed multiple methods for in vitro biotinylation. You can choose the method that best serves your requirements.

Our in vitro protein biotinylation platform offers simple and efficient biotin labeling without altering the bioactivity of target proteins. The common methods we use for protein biotinylation are chemical reaction with primary amine group and sulfhydryl group of target proteins. Up to now, we have successfully completed biotinylation of a variety of proteins. Our top-class technology and proficient technicians can assure you both biotinylation efficiency and protein activity preservation.

Primary amine biotinylation
Primary amine biotinylation is the most frequently used protein biotinylation method. It aims at linking the primary amine groups of target proteins with biotins in the assistance of amine-reactive biotinylation reagents. Commonly, we use N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) esters as amine-reactive biotinylation reagent, which has poor solubility in aqueous solutions and easily dissolved in organic solvents such as DMSO. By primary amine biotinylation, we can achieve high-quality biontinylation for most proteins required.

Sulfhydryl biotinylation
Sulfhydryl biotinylation serves as an alternative for primary amine biotinylation, and is used when primary amine are located in the regulatory domains or a low level of protein biotinylation is needed (sulfhydryl groups are far less prevalent than amine groups).

Besides protein biotinylation, we provide a complete set of services for biotinylated protein analysis and characterization:

  • Immobilization of biotinylated protein

    We provide service for immobilization of biotinylated proteins on streptavidin surfaces/beads. A spacer arm is used in protein biotinylation which can reduce steric hindrances associated with streptavidin binding and allow for efficient capturing of biotinylated proteins.

  • Purification of biotinylated proteins

    Using streptavidin surfaces/beads, we can easily isolate biotinylated proteins with high efficiency and high purity.

  • Biotinylated protein activity test

    With our advanced protein analysis platform, we can perform protein activity test service for biotinylated proteins.

If you want to learn more about our protein biotinylation and related services, please feel free to contact us by phone or email for detailed information.

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