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Insect Cell Expression

Insect Cell Expression

Insect cells closely resemble mammalian cells and have better chances to produce soluble proteins with correct folding and high order posttranslational modifications compared to bacteria and yeast. Insect cell is also a recognized choice for membrane protein production!


 Membrane protein expression
 Large-size protein expression
 Multiprotein complex production
 Stable cell line construction

The Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) is a powerful tool to express target genes in host insect cells such as Sf9 and Sf21. BEVS can incorporate DNA fragment with no size limit, therefore, is well suited for large-size-protein expression. This system is also known for high-yield production because multiple copies of the target gene can be incorporated. Moreover, insect cells can express more than one exogenous gene simultaneously, which makes it possible for the expression of multiprotein complexes. Furthermore, this system has been successfully used for the production of membrane proteins!

Insect cell expression

Spodoptera frugiperda is part of the order of Lepidoptera.
Spodoptera frugiperda cells (Sf9 and SF21 cell lines) are commonly used in biochemical research for recombinant protein expression using insect-specific viruses called baculoviruses.

Drosophila melanogaster, Schneider 2 (S2) cell is a novel, non-lytic insect cell line. Unlike the baculovirus system, S2 cell only requires a simple plasmid vector. The advantage of this cell line is that it allows generation of stable expression cell lines for large-scale protein production. Culture of S2 cell in suspension is also relatively simple at low cost.

Insect cell expression

Drosophila melanogaster is a species of fly in the family Drosophilidae.
D.melanogaster is one of the most widely used and genetically best-known of all eukaryotic organisms.

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