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The basic principle of lyophilization is to freeze the recombinant protein solution at low temperature first, and then dry it under vacuum condition to form the solid preparation of recombinant protein.  Profacgen has been committed to protein expression and preparation research for many years, and has a complete protein preparation platform, which can provide you with protein packing and lyophilization services.

We have a standardized GMP manufacturing workshop and a standard lyophilized laboratory, with sterile grade lyophilized machines and sterile filled vials, which enable lyophilized services on a scale from 2ml to 20ml vials.

Difference between lyophilized protein and liquid protein:

  • Lyophilized proteins have stable structure and are easy to preserve
  • Compared with the liquid protein, the lyophilized protein had fewer volatile components, and its biological activity was basically unchanged and its properties were stable.


Protein lyophilization is a complex and variable process, which can be affected by many factors. Profacgen has been deeply involved in protein research for many years, and is familiar with the mechanism and operation of lyophilization. According to the research needs of customers, Profacgen can choose the appropriate lyophilization conditions, optimize and develop the lyophilization process, and provide a complete set of solutions.

Advantages of our protein lyophilization service:

  • Our lyophilized laboratory has a sterile grade lyophilized machine, which can realize the freeze-drying service from 2 mL to 20 mL.
  • With strict quality control system and experienced laboratory personnel
  • We can realize the one-stop service from the expanded production of protein, purification and freeze-drying, and personalized customized test items to meet your needs
  • Transparent projects and short lead times

Workflow of Lyophilization service in Profacgen:


Profacgen is an international company with international customers, whose trust and respect are vital to our technology and product sales. We will do our best to protect your technology and commercialize it for you. If you want to know more test information and price information, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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