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Fermentation Process Development

Fermentation Process Development

Fermentation technology is widely used to produce a variety of economically important compounds and has been used in the energy production, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Although the fermentation process has been handed down from generation to generation, the current fermentation industry has many problems in the production process, such as extensive production, poor product quality, large consumption of resources and energy, serious environmental pollution and so on. Sustainable production of products to meet the market demand in an economic and effective way is still a challenging demand.

Profacgen has demonstrated a complete set of fermentation development services through basic culture, scale-up, optimization and other steps to help ensure the commercial viability of the target strain. Profacgen's ability to engineer and model biological systems opens the way for the production of new and unnatural products.

Profacgen fermentation production laboratory mainly carries out metabolite production, fermentation, development and optimization services through the following points (including but not limited to other conventional techniques relating to fermentation):

  • Identification or design the fermenting strains to match industrial fermenting strains or related fermenting strains for vaccine production.
  • Systematic design and optimization of fermentation media (see Figure 1 for example).
  • Analysis and optimization of fermentation conditions
  • Nutritional control of metabolites.
  • Optimization of fermentation kinetics.
  • Cultural development stage.

Fermentation Process Developmen
Fig 1 Microbial Fermentation and medium optimization for the production of certain antibacterial microorganisms[1].

Profacgen focused on the key technology of the fermentation process optimization and control, in order to obtain high yield, high substrate conversion rate and production of high strength relatively unified as the goal, from optimization of microbial genes, regulating cell microenvironment and optimization of macro environment, considering the development of biology, fermentation kinetics and physical phenomenon of optimization technology to meet the market demand and research needs.

The fermentation development process of Profacgen is as follows:

Fermentation Process Developmen

Advantages of our fermentation process development service:

  • We have researchers from the field of fermentation engineering and microbiology, who can develop and optimize the whole fermentation process
  • Large scale fermenter, Pilot scale fermenter and Experimental fermenters
  • Have a professional QC team, able to complete APQP/PPAP and other documents and technical documentation
  • Our fermentation laboratory has a sterile grade lyophilized machine
  • Transparent projects and short lead times

Profacgen is an international company with international customers, whose trust and respect are vital to our technology and product sales. We will do our best to protect your technology and commercialize it for you. If you want to know more test information and price information, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


[1]   Teng Hern Tan, Lee Learn Han, Goh Bey-Hing. Critical review of fermentation and extraction of anti-Vibrio compounds from Streptomyces [J]. Progress In Microbes & Molecular Biology, 2020, 3.

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