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Bioinformatics Data Management

Bioinformatics Data Management

Biological data come from all fields of biology and in many formats. With the rapid advances of various high-throughput technologies, large amount of data has been generated using sequencing (nucleic acid and protein), microarray technology and macromolecule structural determination approaches, especially in efforts to understand and treat human diseases. The amount of biological data is exploding, both in size and in complexity, and to fully exploit the data, increasingly sophisticated computational techniques, efficient means for storing, searching and retrieving data, and powerful algorithms and statistical tools are required.

Profacgen helps the customers to handle all sorts of data (e.g., microarray, proteomics and next-generation sequencing data) using appropriate data-management and data-analysis methods, and endeavors to transform raw data into biological knowledge. Our service covers the entire bioinformatics data lifecycle including managing and monitoring the intake, integrity, and use of diverse bioinformatics data types. In collaboration with the customers, our team will develop and implement policies, processes, and templates constituting an overarching data management plan supporting multiple platforms for large projects.

Our data management system consists of several components:

  • A database to manage the metadata and the access to measurement data
  • Data upload/submission/importing tools
  • Data searching/browsing/exporting tools
  • File format converters
  • APIs to link to external data storages
  • Data transfer and sharing

Bioinformatics Data Management Cycle

Bioinformatics data management cycle

Our team has rich experience in running data management for various biological projects with broad variability in data volume in order to suit different computing and storage requirements. We also offer biostatistical consultation, support “big data” research and offers cloud access for data transfer and sharing. Well maintained and processed data sets can ultimately help researchers to better understand biological processes and mechanisms.


  Development and implementation of data management plan governing petabyte scale data and metadata repository
  Support for multiple data models (Relational, Object Oriented, Unstructured, etc)
  Active management of data intake and exchange and development of policies and processes for cataloging diverse data types
  Standardized quality control, curation, and reporting procedures to ensure data integrity
  Use of scalable approaches (e.g., cloud resources) in addition to existing local computational infrastructures

We promise to offer customized services according to our customers’ specific project requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our bioinformatics data management service.

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