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Incorporation of Unnatural Sugars

Incorporation of Unnatural Sugars

Similar to unnatural amino acids, sugars with bioorthogonal handles can be incorporated into glycoproteins as chemical reporters. Various types of azido sugars have been successfully used to facilitate the labeling of surface glycoproteins on bacteria, mammalian cells and viruses.1 Compared to chemical modifications, incorporation of sugars and the subsequent bioorthogonal reactions are less invasive and yield robust. At Profacgen, we offer the reliable strategies for each specific research request including:

  • Supply of commonly used azido sugars;
  • Custom synthesis of specific unnatural sugars;
  • Bioorthogonal labeling of glycoproteins on bacteria and mammalian cells;
  • Cell lines designed for superior viral expression;
  • Bioorthogonal labeling of viral surface proteins;
  • Comprehensive analysis of labeled glycoproteins.

Incorporation of unnatural sugars

The remarkable convenience and specificity of metabolic labeling approach makes it a useful tool in bioconjugation and protein engineering. Profacgen is dedicated to serve the diverse needs of our clients by offering tailed service packages to perfectly fit your timeline and budget. For more information regarding Profacgen’s unnatural sugar incorporation service, please contact at Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.


1. Oum, Y.; et al. Click labeling of unnatural sugars metabolically incorporated into viral envelope glycoproteins enables visualization of single particle fusion. Journal of Virological Methods 2016, 233: 62-71.

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