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Chemical Crosslinking Services

Chemical Crosslinking Services

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Crosslinkers are widely used in modifying nuclei acids, drugs and polymers. The same principle applies to protein modification and labeling. Based on factors such as reactivities and spacer length, the reagents for crosslinking are classified into different types, each having its own specific function and application. In particular, introducing protein-protein crosslinks using bifuncational small molecules with highly selective reactivities enables specific conjugations to amines, thiols, carbohydrate and other functional groups. Our team of well-trained biological and organic chemists assist customers in a way precisely adapted to their requirements, serving either specific research goals or as a partnership for a full range support.

Profacgen currently provide a majority of chemical crosslinking services (custom reagents and services available upon request):

Amine to amine crosslinking. Amine-specific crosslinker

Thiol to thiol crosslinking. Crosslinking reagents utilize maleimide and pyridyldithiol derivatives to conjugate thiols from protein and peptides in a selective manner. Also available is the PEG containing crosslinkers providing enhanced solubility and reduced immunogenicity.

Thiol to amine crosslinking. When conjugation is needed between two different groups, heterobifunctional reagents are used instead. We offer NHS-maleimide, NHS-pyridyldithiol and NHS-haloacetyl crosslinkers.

Thiol/amine to carbohydrate. Heterobifunctional reagents bearing maleimide/NHS ester and hydrazine groups selectively crosslink thiols/amines from proteins to aldehydes from carbohydrates.

Examples of popular chemical crosslinking reagents

 NHS ester crosslinker
  maleimide-hydrazine crosslinker

The interaction between proteins are often hard to detect and define. Introduction of selective, stable chemical linkage is able to establish permanent relationships between molecules that would otherwise be transiently associated. The ease and reliability of using crosslinking strategies have greatly assisted researchers in protein study and engineering over the decades. Herein, with our broad expertise and technologies in-house, our priority is to deliver contract research and project development with premium quality and to make added value for our customers.

Hundreds of customers have endorsed the advantages of choosing Profacgen:

  • Highly customized service to meet specific needs
  • Large selection of crosslinking reagents
  • Interdisciplinary research team with well-experienced technicians
  • Full support from ideas, through process trouble-shooting, to delivery
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • 24H-available customer service

For more information regarding Profacgen’s protein crosslinking service, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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