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Baculovirus-Mammalian cell Protein Expression System

Baculovirus-Mammalian cell Protein Expression System

The Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) is commonly used to express target genes in insect host systems. Due to the limitation of production yield, BEVS is rarely applied to mammalian host cells. Profacgen has developed an optimized BEVS which can greatly improve protein production yield with mammalian cell transfections. Our BEVS has the advantages of wide cell tropism, transient viral expression and ease in generation. It enables performance of rapid, facile, and flexible protein expressions, and can be applied in a variety of mammalian cell lines such as CHO cells and HEK293 cells.

BacMams are genetically optimized baculoviruses in which a mammalian drived promoter is used to express genes of interest, allowing proper protein expression in mammalian cells following baculoviral transduction. The protein production yield of the commonly used lipid-mediated transient transfection system in mammalian cells is generally 0.5-10 mg/L. With brilliant work of our scientists at Profacgen, the production yield of Baculovirus-mammalian cell protein expression has been improved to more than 10 mg/L. This system have been successfully applied for the expression of proteins with low endogenous content, high expression difficulty and/or complex structures.


BEVS is adaptable for many mammalian cell types and can be used for transgene expression when engineered with suitable expression cassettes. The construction and application of a recombinant baculovirus containing a bicistronic expression cassette can be used for stable protein expression in mammalian cells. Profacgen has developed a bacman plasmid containing a bicistronic expression cassette specifically for stable transfection. The mammalian stable cell line mediated by BEVS transfection system can be used for various protein expression and function assays.

Profacgen provides professional Baculovirus-mammalian cell protein expression services. With the our experienced and dedicated team of scientists, we provide high-quality protein expression and stable cell line development services to our customers. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.


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