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Custom Lysate Preparation Service

Custom Lysate Preparation Service

Profacgen provides custom lysate preparation service to meet your scientific requirements for downstream analysis. We provide various types of lysates including over-expression lysate, tissue lysate, cell line lysate, stem cell lysate and membrane lysate, reaching to more than 15, 000 kinds of lysate available. We actually have many lysate products already available in stock from human, cynomolgus monkey, bovine, canine, ferret, mouse, rat, rabbit, zebrafish, guinea pig and so on. Our high-quality cell/tissue lysate can be used in SDS-PAGE, western blot, ELISA, co-immunoprecipitation, pull down assay, tissue specific expression identification and many other bio-analytical assays, and can be applied in various research fields such as biological and pharmaceutical studies.

Profacgen has established an advanced platform for custom lysate preparation with high efficiency and state-of-the-art technology. Coupled with high-performance reagents, equipment and our skilled technicians, we can offer lysate with protein concentration of up to 20 mg/ml with competitive price. Scale-up production is also available for industrial grade requirements.

The lysis of cells or tissue is a critical sample preparation step for intracellular process investigation, and usually can be time-consuming and tough work, with the major challenge being to both achieve high lysis efficiency and maximally maintain sample integrity. Profacgen can offer you well-made lysate with high quality to save your time and energy. We have extensive experience in lysate preparation from primary cells, stable cell lines expressing recombinant proteins, stem cells, tissues and even membrane. We can use our in-house strains or custom strains to make cell lysates, or alternatively, you can send us cell culture or cell pellets if the cell is not commercially available. Similarly, for tissue lysate preparation, we can use either tissues in stock or tissue samples you provide for us. You can even select specific buffers based on your project requirements. Our lysis methods available include acoustic, electromagnetic, mechanical, chemical, and biological methods. We will choose the most suitable lysis methods according to your requests and properties of different cells or tissues.

We can help you select reliable and research-ready lysates. If you have trouble in finding the required lysate, or if you have any question about our custom lysate service, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email. Our technical supports will offer the best solutions possible for your projects.

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