Bacterial Expression Systems(E. coli / Bacillus)

Bacterial Expression Systems(E. coli / Bacillus)

Over the years, Profacgen has developed BacTECTM and FoldEZTM technologies to tackle hard-to-express and hard-to-dissolve proteins. With BacTECTM technology, the expression level can be greatly improved for almost all of the proteins. In addition, over 98% of the inclusion bodies can be refolded and solubilized by our proprietary FoldEZTM protein refolding technology.

Our OxiCytoTM competent E.coli strains are excellent options for expressing proteins having complex disulfide bonds.

The first choice for the expression of recombinant proteins is typically E. coli. Production of proteins in this bacterial strain is well-established, fast, simple and usually provides high yields.

Newly-built facilities supporting a vast array of state-of-the-art equipment are leveraged by our experienced PhD-level scientists to deliver proteins expressed via microbial systems quickly and economically.

One of the most popular technologies is BacTECTM system. Profacgen's patented BacTECTM system is capable of achieving soluble expression levels well over 20 g/L. While the technology has shown it can express many types of proteins, it has established a track record for producing high-quality, correctly folded antibody fragments (including Fabs and scFv). Our FoldEZTM protein refolding technology is designed to determine the optimal refolding conditions by evaluation a series of buffers. We provide refolded protein at purity of 95% or greater.

Exclusively from Profacgen, OxiCytoTM competent E.coli strains are engineered to enable the folding of recombinantly expressed proteins in vivo. The expression of the isomerase, DsbC, within the OxiCyto cytoplasm enhances the correct formation of disulfide bonds in proteins that require them for biological activity

Our Bacillus subtilis system is an ideal option for the expression of monomeric protein products at expression levels up to 20g/L. This high yield, combined with our patented fermentation protocols allow for fast process development and scale-up to support early clinical testing.


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