Mammalian Expression Systems(CHO / 293)

Mammalian Expression Systems(CHO / 293)

Profacgen's proprietary HostOptimTM technology enables generation of high yielding production systems across different industry relevant platforms (e.g. CHO, HEK, Pichiapastoris).

Mammalian cells have the ability to perform most comprehensive post-translational modifications and to secrete glycoproteins that are correctly folded and contain complex antennary oligosaccharides with terminal sialic acid. Mammalian cells are widely used in the production of recombinant proteins, antibodies, virus, viral-subunit proteins, and gene-therapy vectors.

Protein scientists at Profacgen have experience and expertise in both transient and stable expression using a multitude of cell lines, including CHO and HEK293 expression systems. Contracting laboratories have direct access to the scientists working on their projects, and each project is delivered with a specifications sheet and original data on yield, purity, and identity.

The HostOptimTM paltform has been developed from our core expertise in the field of gene expression and protein synthesis.

HostOptimTM is complementary to existing production technologies including improved promoters, vectors and other transcriptional approaches. Additional yield enhancement through better translation efficiency (more protein per mRNA) improves economics for antibodies and other biopharmaceutical proteins. This can for example make the difference in pursuing targets that otherwise would be discarded due to insufficient yields, and speed up development with significant cost savings.


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