PEGylation Service

PEGylation Service

Profacgen provides professional and versatile PEGylation services to accelerate our customer’s preclinical drug development process. PEGylation refers to adding polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer chains onto target molecules to monitor their physiochemical properties. We have developed various PEG moieties and PEGylation strategies in response to different research demands.

Polyethylene glycol - PEG - is a chemical compound containing repeated ethylene glycol units. PEG has several chemical properties that could facilitate the application of target protein in diverse biological and pharmaceutical fields.

PEGylation Service

Compared to non-PEGylated proteins, PEGylated proteins show great advantage in terms of non-toxicity, low immunogenicity, high solubility and mobility in solution. PEGylation can also mask the target protein drugs from the host’s immune system. The established therapeutic value and large flexibility of PEGylation made itself an advanced method in efficient drug development.


  Increased in vivo efficacy and clinical effectiveness
  Enhanced protection from proteolytic degradation
  Reduced immunogenicity and toxicity
  Improved target solubility and stability
  Highly site-specific modifications


Specifically for site-specific PEGylation, we have developed 3 different methods - N-terminal specific, Thiol-selective and Enzymatic PEGylation - to increase PEGylation efficiency. You can choose based on your specific requirements or we can always develop and recommend the best procedure for you!


Please contact us for more details of our preclinical PEGylation service. Our experts will provide and help design an optimal solution for your project and trouble-shoot for you throughout the whole process.


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