Protein Mutagenesis

Protein Mutagenesis

Precise mutagenesis of a target protein is very useful in the study of protein-protein interaction, protein structure, biological activity site etc. Utilizing the most advanced DNA synthesis technology, Profacgen provides one-stop service on Site-Directed Protein Mutagenesis Service. Single or multiple mutations (substitution, insertion or deletion) can be introduced into your target protein with high accuracy and efficiency. We can also create protein truncation according to your specific requirements.


  High accuracy confirmed by full sequencing
  Large insert size achievable
  Short turnaround time

Protein Mutagenesis
Protein Mutagenesis

Profacgen provides you with an ultimate solution of protein mutagenesis. Our service can be tailored according to your specific requirements, including comprehensive upstream and downstream services, from DNA mutagenesis to protein purification. Our expertise guarantees high protein quality, short turnaround time, and the best price in the market!


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