Bacterial Manufacturing

Bacterial Manufacturing

Profacgen can take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein production. Bacterial protein expression systems are the most common and the most economical means of protein expression available today. Now we offer a full range of upstream and downstream services from gene synthesis and expression vector construction to protein purification and characterization.

We have two integrated suites for microbial and mammalian systems to prevent from cross-contamination.


 Production, purification and characterization of bacterial protein products, delivering purification, process and protein characterization data.

 Up to 1000L and grams fermentation.

 Large-scale and flexible purification systems including affinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic-interaction column, and HPLC.

 Protein refolding services.

 Whole cell microbial product process development, analytical development and cGMP manufacture.

 cGMP manufacturing for cancer vaccine products, novel anti microbial agents, novel flu vaccine products and biopharmaceutical antibodies such as single chain antibody fragment.

See more details on the principle and protocol of baceria expression system on our website. See more...


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