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CUT&RUN-Sequencing Service

CUT&RUN-Sequencing Service

Profacgen is an expert in the field of studying protein-nucleic acid interactions. We can now provide a new and powerful technique CUT&RUN-sequencing, which is also known as cleavage under targets and release using nuclease. CUT&RUN-sequencing can be used to map global DNA binding sites accurately for any target proteins.

Genome sequence has been studied over a decade, but our knowledge of genome still need much exploration. Chromatin structure determines to function of DNA, which involves in regulating accessibility to transcription factors and other DNA-interacting proteins. Currently the most wildly used technique for the investigation of DNA-protein interaction is ChIP-sequencing, but it suffers from many restrictions. CUT&RUN-sequencing is a development and replacement of ChIP-seq technique since it is cost-effective and simple to perform.

The basic idea of CUT&RUN is that to incubate the unfixed and permeabilized cells with antibodies target to the protein of interest, which can be recognized by protein A, then cleave them by inducible pA-MN (Protein A fused to MNase). DNA can be cleaved into small DNA fragments by MNase at antibody binding sites. When the chromatin fragments are liberated into the supernatant, the DNA fragments can be extracted from the supernatant for further sequencing. CUT&RUN-sequencing is a novel and powerful technique to examine gene regulation and investigate transcription factor and other DNA-protein interaction with very low background requiring, simple process and lower cost. The workflow of CUT&RUN is shown as figure 1.

Workflow of CUT&RUN-sequencing[1]
Figure 1. Workflow of CUT&RUN-sequencing[1]

Profacgen is a professional ChIP service provider that offers comprehensive CUT&RUN solutions. You can simply provide us with your cell or tissue sample. Based on the customer requirements, Profacgen could also provide personalized testing nucleic acid-protein interaction services including CLIP-seq, ChIP, RIP-seq services, for further exploration in complex regulation mechanism of gene expression and other biological processes.

Our Advantages:

  One-stop service
  Professional bioinformatics analysis
  High resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio results
  Best price in market

Please feel free to contact us for details about our professional CUT&RUN-sequencing service. Our team will provide customized experimental design for your project based on your specific requirements.

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