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Complement Assays

Complement Assays

The complement system is an ancient and evolutionary conserved element of the innate immune mechanism, playing a crucial role in host defense against various pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It comprises of more than 50 different plasma and membrane-associated proteins that are found in the circulation and in tissues and that form the basis for the presence of three activation pathways: the classical, alternative, and lectin. Most of these proteins are synthesized as inactive precursor proteins which are activated directly or indirectly by appropriate stimuli. The activated forms of these proteins serve as proteases and cleave other components successively in a series of cascade reactions producing exponentially the final effectors.

Figure 1 Overview of the complement cascade

Because the complement System is a very effective killing machine, its activities are tightly regulated by all kinds of soluble molecules and receptors of complement proteins. Once the regulation mechanism becomes disorganized, such as excessive, uncontrolled or deficient activation of complement can cause various autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. In addition, some reports showed a pro-tumoral effect of complement, which act on different levels of tumor progression. Thus, analysis of levels and activities of complement and monitoring of disease-related complement is of particular importance in drug development, clinical research and Immunotherapy.

As one of the well-known service providers in biotechnology field, Profacgen’s analysis services utilize advanced technology and proven expertise to help customers meet their analysis needs. Our complement assays team has rich experience in the field, and can provide personalized analysis services against the component of complement system. Assays we offer including but not limited to:

Complement Component Assays

Functional Complement Assays

Please contact us for more details of complement assays services. Our experts will provide and help design an optimal solution for your project, and support scientific research with a high-quality presentation of assay results and satisfy each demand from customers.

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