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Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions

Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions

Life continuity in living organisms is chiefly because of the dependent existence of biochemical elements in the active cell and a precise, accurate and calculated interaction between the complex molecules. At this key point, the direct interaction between functional proteins with nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) is precise of considerable importance in cell biology. In addition, this complex interaction represents more considerable importance due to their pivotal physiological and biological roles in direct comparison to other existing molecular interactions. Several biological events, including transcriptional and translational regulation and protein synthesis, even pathogen invasion and mechanisms of disease are closely linked with protein-nucleic acid Interactions.

As one of the well-known service providers in biotechnology field, Profacgen’s analysis services take advantage of advanced technology and proven expertise to help customers meet their scientific research project needs. Our protein-nucleic acid interactions team has rich experience in the field, and can provide various advanced and reliable analysis services against the protein or nucleic acid of interest in vivo or in vitro. Services we are offering include but not limited to:

DNA-Protein Interactions

RNA-Protein Interactions

Please contact us for more details of protein-nucleic acid interactions services. Our experts will provide and help design an optimal solution for your project, and support scientific research with a high-quality presentation of assay results and satisfy each demand from customers.

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