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RNA-Protein Interactions

RNA-Protein Interactions

RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) play important roles in the regulation of gene expression through a variety of post-transcriptional mechanisms,which physically to regulate each other's life cycle and function. The mRNA coding sequence guides the synthesis of proteins and some regulatory sequences, while the untranslated region of mRNA affects the fate of the encoded protein by regulating the translation, positioning, and interaction with other proteins. On the other hand, from RNA synthesis to degradation, proteins can in turn bind and regulate RNA expression and function. The interaction of RNA and protein is very important to maintain the homeostasis of the cell, and interfering with the interaction of the two will cause cell dysfunction and related diseases.

There are many ways to study and identify the interaction between RNA and protein. Profacgen provides RNA-centricand protein-centric research methods. The former is based on the RNA of interest to find the protein to which it binds, and can be divided into two types of research methods in vivo and in vitro; the latter is based on the protein of interest to find the RNAs to bind to, which can be divided into two types of research methods based on CLIP and non-CLIP principles.

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The main principle of RNA-Protein interactions assay service:

  • RNA and RNA-binding proteins are coupled together to form RNA-protein complexes. Then based on RNA co-precipitation (RIP), specific antibodies were used to co-precipitate the RNA-protein complex or specially modified RNA. Finally, RNA fragments are separated and recovered, and then linker molecules are added, followed by Illumina sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis to study RNA regions or types specifically bound by specific proteins within the entire transcriptome.

The advantages of RNA-protein interaction assay provided by Profacgen:

  • Profacgen has Illumina HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000 and MiSeq and other high-throughput sequencing platforms.
  • The technicians are experienced and can provide experimental solutions, solve experimental problems, and analyze experimental results according to partner requirements.
  • Possess a professional bioinformatics team and large-scale computer, which can provide personalized bioinformatics analysis services for partners.

Profacgen has a professional team for studying RNA-protein interactions. We welcome you to consult, and sincerely invites laboratories to cooperate and develop together.

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