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Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development

Stable cell lines are widely used in a number of important applications including biologics (e.g. recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody) production, drug screening, and gene functional studies.

The process of developing stable cell lines often starts with transfecting selected host cells, typically CHO or HEK 293 cells, with desired plasmids. After transfection, researchers then screen and quantify high-expressing clones. Once candidate cell line clones are identified, each "hit" is confirmed, validated, and characterized using a variety of functional assays. Upon completion, the clones are expanded or scaled up where additional downstream bioprocesses are optimized. The traditional screening methods used for cell line development are time-consuming and labor-intensive, creating a great demand for high throughput, automated solutions for such efforts.

Profacgen’s development services take advantage of advanced technology and proven expertise to help customers meet their biologics development needs. Our cell line development team collaborates closely with our bioanalytical testing and manufacturing teams to provide high-performance, highly stable, production cell lines in a wide variety of mammalian host cells (e.g. CHO or HEK 293) within the shortest development cycle, and to ensure that processes and products are scalable to clinical and commercial scale.

To help facilitate achieving clients’ goal, our team offers the following important core services, but not limited to:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details of our cell line development services. Our experts will provide and help design an optimal development solution for your project.

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