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Process and Production

Process and Production

As you know, the manufacturing and production of protein drug/product are highly complex processes. For example, a typical protein drug may include in excess of 5,000 process steps, many times greater than the number required for manufacturing a small-molecule drug. However, each step from upstream to downstream processing and producing is crucial to determine total cost and product quality.

As one of the well-known service providers in biotechnology field, Profacgen has most advanced technology platform of protein drug/product development and excellent expertise to help customers meet their requirements for development of whole protein drug/product manufacturing process. Our process and production team has rich experience in all aspects of upstream and downstream development, and can provide an optimal solution against your development projects to accelerate preclinical development process. Services we are offering include but not limited to:

Cell line development for industrial-scale manufacturing

Large-scale Protein Production

cGMP Complaint Protein Production

Process Development Service

GLP Compliant Protein Production

Please contact us for more details of process and production services. Our expert representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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