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DNA-Protein Interactions

DNA-Protein Interactions

In many cell life activities, such as DNA replication, mRNA transcription and modification, and virus infection, all involve the interaction between specific DNA segments and specific protein binding factors.With the development of recombinant DNA technology and the basic completion of the human genome sequencing work, researchers have successively separated a large number of genes of biological significance, and the research on functional genomics has also been deepened. Among them, gene expression regulation is a basic research field of functional genomics, and a molecular mechanism of gene expression regulation research is to study the interaction between DNA and protein.

Association of DNA with proteins is a phenomenon of utmost importance. In effect, almost all aspects of cellular function, such as transcriptional regulation, chromosome maintenance, replication and DNA repair depend on the interaction of proteins with DNA.Activation of genes by DNA-binding proteins is a fundamental regulatory mechanism involving the chromatin modifying and transcription complexes to initiate the RNA synthesis. In humans,the DNA-binding proteins dysfunction can contribute to the progression of various diseases.

Profacgen is committed to assisting relevant researchers to explore and reveal how environmental factors and developmental signals control gene transcription activity, for example:

  • Identification and analysis of DNA elements involved in gene expression regulation;
  • Isolate and identify the proteins to which these DNA cis-acting elements can specifically bind.

We provide a series of experimental method services to study DNA-protein interactions, including but not limited to:

Profacgen has a professional team for studying DNA-protein interactions. We welcome you to consult, and sincerely invites laboratories to cooperate and develop together.

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